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São Paulo City Logo Redesign


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This work was not made for a client. It's the result of an experiment or proof of concept.


São Paulo is a chaotic, energetic and complex city. This work was an attempt to develop a logo that matches the city feeling



  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics

Original Logo

The original logo at the time (which is still the current one until this work was posted) was created by Romulo Castilho. It may look appealing, but it looks like too much a party and doesn't feel like São Paulo.


Comparison to Recife

Comparing to other cities, like Recife, in this example, it doesn't differentiates. This is a problem, as Recife is completelly different city, being known by its happyness and carnival events. Being at least 2500km distant from São Paulo, Recife is almost like in another country, having different cultural and social aspects. Thereby, it's almost mandatory São Paulo logo to be different.



São Paulo has everything too much. Too much people, too much cars, too much queues, too much to know, too much to learn. Everyday, the ammount of people that could encomprise an entire country moves back and forth. Everyday, a great migration happens.



The city is marked through an architecture that is both courageous and arrogant. Where else can you find a building where at least 5000 people live? (Copan Building). This is also represented into the urban art of artists like Gemeos through out the city.



The people of São Paulo indescribable. Everyday a new trend happens. If you live here and by some reason move away for a year, when you come back, it feels like it's a new city. It's always moving, always changing, and somehow, like in the edge of world changes.


Grid & Modulation

The logo was then constructed with a very modular, geometric and Avant-Garde approach, in a Bauhaus spirit.

Logo Concept Video

To better illustrate the concept, a video was done.


Motion Graphics

An animated version for the logo was also developed.

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